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LOCATION: East Orange, New Jersey, USABIO:

Hip-hop artist song writer and producer 3rd Rell, is most known for his captivating song writing skills. He started writing and producing at the age of 11, influence by artist such as the late 2pac Shakur and Nas among other great story tellers and lyricist. His music reflects his life and experiences growing up in Essex County New Jersey.

3rd Rell has always been conscience of the world around him, and has never hesitated to address the importance of self-Awareness in his music. For him Hip-hop has been an outlet to express everyday struggles of his youth that may be overlooked by mainstream media. As an artist he feels responsible to be the voice of the people who can't speak loud enough to be heard.

Having big dreams to one day be a multi-platinum selling artist, releasing his first studio album "Rhythm & Poetry" is his first step to do just that.