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Frequently asked questions

Getting Started

What is LoudUp?
LoudUp is a music-based social networking website designed to:
  • help music fans to connect, discover new music, and find gigs in their area
  • help independent artists to promote their music and connect with fans as well as other artists and industry professionals
Read more about us here.

Why should I join LoudUp?

Music fans - use LoudUp to discover exciting, new, emerging artists. You can support the artists that you love, and connect with other music fans over a shared music taste. You will get to rate the songs you like, and have a say in which songs and videos appear in the charts.

Artists - create a profile where people can find out all about you, hear your music, watch your videos, and find out where you're playing next. With so many different platforms out there, your profile page gives you one central place where you can link to your music on SoundCloud, videos on YouTube and Vimeo, and your Facebook and Twitter profiles. We're not trying to reinvent these other platforms, just to create an easy way to link them all together and showcase everything you've got!

Promoters - check out artists in your area and contact the artists that you want to book.

Producers, Musicians, and Songwriters - showcase your work to artists looking for your services

Recording Studio and Venues - advertise your place to artists and musicians

Managers and Record Labels - advertise your services and promote your artists.

How much does it cost to join?
Nothing! Nada! We may eventually add extra paid features, but the site as it is will remain free. If you make a great connection here and want to send your appreciation, you can send us a message to say thanks, say nice things about us to your friends, or share us on Facebook or Twitter.

So how do you make money?
We have some adverts on the site and products and services that we promote to help pay the bills. However, we promise to always respect your privacy, to never ever give, sell, or auction off your personal details to advertisers and to only ever promote products and services that we feel are relevant to our website and audience. That means no ads for online dating, gambling, or pay day loans...ever! Yeah we said it!! Please review our privacy policy for more information about how we handle your personal information.

Creating an account

Can anyone create an account?
As long as you are aged 13 or over, and agree to our terms of use and privacy policy, we would be happy to have you!

I am trying to create an account but it won't accept my location. Why doesn't it like me?
You need to enter your city name. As you start typing it in, you will get a list of options and you need to select a location from the list. If you can't see your location in the list, please contact us and let us know and we'll help you out!

What profile type should I select?

Ok so here's a breakdown of the various profile types:

Artist/Band - you are a solo singer/rapper or a band that record and perform music

Fan - you love listening to music, going to gigs, and supporting your favourite artists

Manager - you have a good knowledge of the music industry and help artists in the business and financial aspects of their careers, provide advice, as well as day-to-day management and strategising

Musician - you are a session musician or are looking to join a band

Producer - you create music, arranging instruments, vocals and samples to make some magic

Promoter - you organise and promote gigs and book artists, or you champion independent music

Record Label - you distribute, market, and sell music recordings

Recording Studio - you run a facility equipped to record and mix sound

Songwriter - you write songs for other people to perform

Venue - you run a place that can be used for musical performances

Why isn't it accepting my Facebook username?
Make sure you are adding the username for your Facebook page (e.g. artist page or company page), not your Facebook personal profile. If you are, then we think the links below might help:
Facebook Help - what are usernames?
Facebook Help - usernames and page web addresses

Account Queries

How do I change my password?
If you are logged in, go to Me > Account Settings, and you can change your password from here. If you are not logged in and you have forgotten your current password, click on the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login page, and follow the steps described to reset your password.

How do I change my email address?
Please contact us with the details and we will help you out with this.

How do I change my username?
You can go to Me > Manage Profile, enter a new username, and click on Update. Please bear in mind that your username forms the url to your profile page so changing it will also change the url to your page.

How do I delete my account?
You really want to leave us? :( You can go to Me > Account Settings, and then click on Close my LoudUp account.

Using LoudUp

What is the 'Turn me up' thing about? And the dB numbers everywhere...
Ahh...we're glad you asked! :) Every artist, producer, and musician on the site has a LoudUp rating which is a score in decibels (dB). We're all about loudness here so the louder an artist is, the more highly they have been rated. The 'turn me up' button enables you to increase the loudness of a song or video, and that in turn increases the loudness of the artist. Yep we think it's pretty fly too!

And the 'Plug in' thing...?
Plugging into someone means that you will see their updates on your Notifications page. You will be notified for events such as if they add new songs and videos, announce a new gig, or if they turn up a track or video. You will be able to see who you are plugged into and who is plugged into you on your profile page.

I'm a music fan, how can I find new music?
The 1st thing we would recommend is to check out the Featured Artists section of the homepage. We are constantly scouring through the music on the site and we feature the artists that we think our fans will love. We rotate the featured artists on a regular basis so keep checking back there. Our Charts page is also definitely worth a look to see what songs and videos are currently trending. Also make sure you check out the track of the week every week where we will feature one track that we think you definitely need to check out! If you're up for doing some of your own browsing, click on the Artists page, filter using your preferred genres, and explore! Using the default sort, we change the order of the artists displayed every day, and we always display the artists with music available 1st to make it easier for you to find an artist you like. The final thing we would recommend is to plug into other fans who share your music taste. You will get updates on what tracks and videos they have been rating so you can discover new music through them!

And what can I do when I find a song I really like?
If you like a song or video, click on the Turn Me Up button! This will increase the rating of the song or video, and also add the song or video to the Hear with me and Watch with me sections of your profile respectively so you can find it again easily. Check the Buy Me tab on the Artist's profile to see if you can buy the track. You can also plug into the Artist so you will be notified when they add a new song, video, or announce a new gig. If you find an Artist that you really like, please also like them/follow them and spread the word by sharing them on Facebook or Twitter! Everyone loves hearing someone saying something nice about them right?

I'm an artist, how can I promote my music?
Well, the 1st step is to create a profile and add some pictures, music, and videos to your profile. Artists with music available on their profile will be displayed 1st on the Artists page and the order changes every day to make it easier for fans to find your profile. In addition, spread the word about your page, get your fans to 'turn up' your tracks and videos, and you will have a chance of appearing in the Charts! For more tips, check out our Promote Your Music page.

How can I appear as a Featured Artist on the homepage?
We're constantly scouring through the music on the site to find Artists that we want to feature. You can help us out by making sure your profile is updated with a picture and some music. And make sure they're good quality! If your picture is grainy or your recordings are poor quality, then sorry we won't give it much attention!

I want to add some music to my profile, do I need to have a SoundCloud account?
Yep! We don't store any of your music on our servers, we stream it straight from your SoundCloud page so you will need to have a SoundCloud account and the song needs to be available publicly in order for us to stream it.

Do you own any rights to the music I add to my profile?
Nope! We don't even store your music! All we have is a link to the track on SoundCloud.

How can I change what is displayed on my profile?
Log in, then click on Manage Account > Manage Profile. From here you can manage the content on your profile.

Can I change the order of the tracks and videos on my profile?
You can select 1 featured track and 1 featured video. That track or video will appear 1st. To change the featured track or video, go to Me > Manage Profile, then click on the 'Hear Me' or 'Watch Me' tab, find the track or video, click Edit, Set as featured track, then press Save.

How can I see what track is currently playing?
Click on the speaker icon at the top of the page. That will show the player and you will be able to see the track that is currently playing.

How do I stop a song or play it again?
Click on the speaker icon at the top of the page. That will show the player and from there you can pause the track, change the play position, or play it again.

I can create multiple profiles on here?
Yep! You can have up to 5 different profiles. This is because a user can be a fan, artist, producer, and maybe also in a band! So you can create separate profiles for each of these under the same login. You can then switch the active profile using the option in the Me menu.

I am in a band, how do I give my band members access to the band profile?
Once you have created the artist profile for the band, ask your band members to create an account, then you can give them access to the band profile by going to Me > Manage Profile, clicking on the 'Manage Me' tab, and entering the email addresses that they registered with. You can select a description of Admin or Contributor. The Admin description gives them access to the Manage Me tab so they can also give access to other people while the Contributor description hides this option.

How do I give my manager access to manage my profile?
Once you have created your profile, ask your manager to create an account, then you can give them access to your profile by going to Me > Manage Profile, clicking on the 'Manage Me' tab, and entering the email addresses that they registered with. You can select a description of Admin or Contributor. The Admin description gives them access to the Manage Me tab so they can also give access to other people while the Contributor description hides this option.

How can I report abuse or inappropiate content?
Please contact us with the details and we will investigate.

Privacy issues

How can I hide my profile?
All profiles are public! So make sure all the content on your profile is content that you are happy to be visible publicly. You can edit your profile by going to Me > Manage Profile.

How do I control who can contact me?
If you go to Me > Manage Profile, and then click on the Chat to Me tab, you can control who can send you messages and post comments on your page.

I am getting spam messages. What can I do?
Aargghh!!!! We hate spammers!!!! Please contact us with the details and we will investigate. Depending on the scenario, we may warn them 1st, but if they don't clean up their act, we will proceed to terminate them! Ok well terminate their account at least. :D


I have an idea or some general feedback for you to consider
Great, we would love to hear from you! Please send us a message using our contact form and set the subject to Suggestion and we will get back to you.

You haven't answered my question. What now?
Please contact us with your question and we will try our best to help!
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