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  • 19th December 2019 - We recently celebrated our 5th birthday and to celebrate, we have launched a brand new version of the site with a new design, and the site has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it faster, slicker, and easier to use!
  • 21st November 2016 - We are celebrating our 2nd birthday today! We have had superb growth since we launched with just around 50 users. We now have over 5,000 users and over 20,000 song and video plays! We've added lots of new features and will continue to do so. We've had multiple requests for a mobile app and we're going to be starting work on this very soon! #watchthisspace
  • 9th September 2016 - We recently added the ability to find artists based on their influences to make it even easier for you to discover new music that you will like. Go to the Artists page, click on filter, and you'll see the new influences option!
  • 21st November 2015 - Today marks 1 year since this site was officially launched, and what a year it has been! Over 2,000 users registered, and over 6,000 song plays! We look forward to more growth and more exciting features this coming year! #watchthisspace
  • 16th July 2015 - We have just hit a milestone of over 1,000 users on the site! The LoudUp community is growing on a daily basis and the site is constantly evolving with new features and content so there are exciting times ahead!
  • 10th March 2015 - New Feature alert! We have just launched a new feature called Discover! Find new music and find out all about the people behind the sound!
  • 7th March 2015 - We have just launched a new page - Unsigned Guide. Are you an artist or part of a band? This page will feature articles designed to help you to improve as an artist and help you to take your music career to the next level.
  • 5th February 2015 - New Feature alert! We have just added new discussion pages where you can discuss topics such as new music, the music industry, music gear, production, and more! Join the conversation!
  • 5th February 2015 - We have added a new Activity Feed page. Find out what is happening across the site with updates on new users, tracks, videos, gigs, discussions, and more!
  • 26th January 2015 - We have just launched a new Track of the Month feature! Every month, we will promote a track on the site which we think you really need to check out!