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Discover new bands and artists, find out all about the music and the people behind it

LaTasha Lee is one of the most fascinating talents we've heard in the indie scene in quite some time!


3rd Rell is a remarkably refreshing independent hip hop wordsmith and talent. His style is wholly original and much needed amidst a scene of mundane genre counterparts.


Teenage Weekends’ floods the listener with atmospheric synthesizers heavily reverberated instruments, and brooding, eerie vocals.


With a remarkably refreshing take on folk with a clear return to it's roots, enter The Western Traveller - an incredibly exciting artist!


Cast of Light doesn't hide behind anything artificial. It's genuine folk with an infectiously fun groove.


The distorted electric guitar is nothing short of exceptional. Those riffs and solos are right on mark, making the performance a memorable and defining one.


'Hey I' is an exceptional soul track that masterfully balances between commercial catchiness and insightful depth.


Overwrought is a neat indie experience that feels different and authentic, compelling you to find out more about Periscope View.


ReFlex The Architect Elegantly Balances The Weight Between Classic Hip Hop And R&B Influence.


We caught up with London-based singer-songwriter Our Man In The Field following the release of his new EP to chat about his journey so far. Here is what he had to say!


We had a chat to Headlight - a rocking London-based band to talk music, writing, and world domination!


We caught up with Matt (bassist), Luca (drummer) and Dan (guitarist) from Remote View, an exciting London-based pop/funk band, to talk shop and find out more about the men behind the sound. Here is what they had to say.


London-based Scottish artist emaé has just released her new video for the track 'Something Beautiful', and it has had over 14,000 views in just over a week! We took the opportunity to have a chat with her about the whole process!