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About Us

LoudUp was born out of identifying a lack of opportunity for independent artists to showcase their music and increase their reach.

While trying to promote gigs for independent artists, I realised that no matter how many flyers I give out, most people won't pay money to go and watch a band that they have never heard of. But then how can people hear your music easily?

LoudUp aims to create a place where music fans can connect, discover new music, and find gigs in their area. A place where promoters can find local talent, and artists can showcase their material and connect with other artists, fans, musicians, producers, and songwriters.

It is said that love is a universal language, understood by all. While this is true, I believe that music is also a universal language. I have experienced this 1st-hand, being in a foreign country surrounded by people I don't know, don't speak the same language with, and yet losing ourselves dancing together, all because of music! I love how powerful music can be. And music shared can bring about a connection that even words cannot compete with.

That's what we aim to do. To create a forum for you to discover music that you love. Music that makes you feel something. And then enable you to share it with others.

Anne Adams