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How it works

  • What is LoudUp?

    What is LoudUp?

    LoudUp is a music-based social network designed to:

    • help music fans to connect, discover new music, and find gigs in their area
    • help independent artists to promote their music and connect with fans as well as other artists and industry professionals.

    Watch the video below to find out more:

  • LoudUp Terminology

    LoudUp Terminology

    Turn me up, Plug In, LoudUp rating...here's the breakdown:

    • Every artist, producer, and musician on the site has a LoudUp rating which is a score in decibels (dB). We're all about loudness here so the louder an artist is, the more highly they have been rated. The 'turn me up' button that you will see around the site enables you to increase the loudness of a song or video, and that in turn increases the loudness of the artist.
    • Plugging into someone means that you will see their updates on your Notifications page. You will be notified for events such as if they add new songs and videos, announce a new gig, or if they turn up a song or video. You will be able to see who you are plugged into and who is plugged into you on your profile page.
  • Essential Features

    Essential Features

    • Sign up and create a free profile
    • Click on the Explore > Artists link in the menu above to check out all of our artists. The icons and numbers next to the artist's names will show you how many songs and videos the artist has available on their profile. You will also see their LoudUp rating. Click on Filter to filter the artists shown by genre or location.
    • Click on the Explore > Fans link to check out all of our music fans. The icons and numbers next to the fan's names will show you how many songs and videos they have rated. Plug into fans who share your music taste, and you can discover new music through them! Any songs or videos that they 'turn up' will appear in your notications.
    • Click on Go to view all the upcoming gigs. You can filter by location to find the gigs in your area, and can also filter by genre or date. Click on the event name or details button to view the full details.
    • If you are an Artist, you can find essential services such as producers, musicians, labels, songwriters, venues, promoters, managers, and studios in the Explore menu. Also check out our recommended links page to find external resources that we think you will find useful.
    • Click on the Chatter > Discussions link to join the conversations going on in the LoudUp community

  • Are you an unsigned artist or band looking to get your music heard? Find out more about how to promote your music including sections on how to get your music heard and how to increase your fanbase.

    Got questions? Check out our frequently asked questions page