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Hiphop Singer-Songwriter

JOINED: January 2019 LOCATION: Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA BIO:

My name is Joseph Armstrong. I was born in Connecticut on November 21st 1987. I am the son of Tina and Authur Armstrong and the youngest of 16. I was raised in Fayetteville North Carolina. As a child I came up knowing nothing but music. My dad loved music more than I did. I really just liked it. I'm sad but thankful to say that I fell in love with music unfortunately it was the same day my father passed away. Spare me the “I’m sorry’s” its life and so on.

Anyways within five years I received my 1st deal with Koch Record BABY! Better known as E-One records now. Sadly, I didn’t get to take that deal for personal reasons only. I didn’t stop there! I did shows for over three to six thousand people. Which then lead me to Los Angeles the city of Angels. There I received a second record offer from Captial Records. Talk about blessed or Heaven sent!!! Whatever the case was at the end of the day that didn’t go as planned either. But that didn’t stop me it just made me go harder from deal to deal.

Finally, I said fuck it and decided to start my own label ALLoFiT Records! Don't get me wrong it’s not where I wanted to be as of right now but until it is meant to be this is where I shall stay for now anyways.

ALLoFiT Records

Joseph Armstrong aka RTG-Scrilla

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