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LOCATION: Venezia, ItalyWEBSITE: http://holyphant.bandcamp.com/INFLUENCES: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, The Black Crowes, Carlos SantanaBIO:

"A Spider weaves its web upon the boundaries of Time"

Holyphant was born in december, 2013 after a meeting of three venetian musicians: Theo, bass guitar, mr. Fab, drums and percussions and Bale, guitars and vocals. The pourpose was to play some raw and pure hard rock music influenced by the famous Doomy'n'Gloomy sound of the 70's. The biggest influences are bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Santana's early stuff and, of course, Black Sabbath. But also some Psychedelic Rock and the more recent Grunge and Stoner/Doom can be heard in their music.

Lyrics are mostly about the "dark side" of human's mind.

The power trio recorded the first Demo in summer 2013, a 4-tracks minidisc well recieved by the public and some webzines, that allows them to play some gigs with bands like Zippo, Caronte, Return from the Grave, Blood Red Water and other italian live acts.

In august 2014, they entered the Velvet Recording Studio in Mestre (Venice), to give life to "The Black Flames EP", that marked a point of more confidence in their compositions. This Ep, also, is well recieved by the public and critics.

Now the band is writing new material for the first true LP, continuing the live activity to spread their word to the people.