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Charlie Rhymes


Drum and Bass Dubstep Electronic Indie Pop

JOINED: February 2016 LOCATION: London, UK WEBSITE: http://www.charlierhymes.com INFLUENCES: Enter Shikari, Rage Against the Machine, Skunk Anansie, Pendulum BIO:

Charlie Rhymes is a London based Pop Artist pioneering his brand of conscious lyrical pop.. he writes philosophical thought provoking songs, with a view to raise awareness of social and political issues which are too important to be ignored in this world.. As a tireless perfectionist, Charlie and his ever growing band of brothers is hands on in every aspect of his work, directly engaging in everything from the song-writing, to the recording and production of the project, even making his own Artwork and producing his own video clips. Dedicated and passionate, he delivers bold, catchy compositions and compelling messages that capture the listeners’ attention and inspires the collective imagination to envision a future of beautiful possibilities. Charlie also have a full five piece live band behind him which comes with a big sound mixing Dance style synths and rock and pop influenced Guitars and keys along with big baselines and live drums. they are also happy playing Acoustic shows.

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