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Dina Cherubin


Experimental Jazz R&B Singer-Songwriter Soul

JOINED: June 2017 LOCATION: New Haven, Connecticut, USA WEBSITE: http://www.Msrisingsun.tumblr.com INFLUENCES: Lauryn Hill, 2Pac, Björk, Erykah Badu, Sade Adu, Jhené Aiko, Hayley Williams, Amel Larrieux BIO:

Dina Cherubin is a 22 year old, INFP personality from the Tri-State area. Her resourceful imagination, though it has gotten her in some trouble in the more mundane areas of life, is her greatest source of inspiration. Growing up as a first generation Haitian-American, Dina sought to look for the beauty within her difficult and emotional life. Nowadays, Dina attempts to define the meaning of life by exploring themes of Intimacy, Power, Emotionality, Chaos, Destruction, Love, Friendship, and Resurrection. Aside from music, Dina is in grad school studying psychology. Dina is also well versed in spirituality, particularly astrology and numerology. Both of these arts add a sultry, mystical, and etheral undertone to Dina's music. Though Dina may be a recording artist, she considers herself to be a poet above all else. Communicating and exploring life's many philosophies happens to be what keeps the flame burning for Ms. Cherubin.

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