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Hard to get myself out there

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Hi, my name is Dillon Baker, but my stage name is Dee Baked. Ive been playing instruments since I was three. Now I know serveral instruments. Started composing my own songs at the age of 8. I love all music except for modern country. My style is a mix of genres. I mash hip hop/ dubstep/ techno/ trance in when im creating a song. I rarely use lyrics, because its hard to find good quality vocals. Its even harder promoting myself, Idk how to. I use soundcloud / reverbnation and this now.

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Hey man that's awesome, I'm still a sloppy player (I get by). I had the same problem and I started to realize that every musician I know is like "listen to my music! " and it gets annoying. One of the things ive started doing is engaging with and supporting other bands/musicians by going to their shows sharing their stuff and whatnot. I promote others waaay more than I promote myself. If you interact with people on a personal level on a daily basis I believe they will genuinely WANT to hear it.

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try your best man

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