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Pretty lame if we can't post a yt link and have it show on a rolling feed. You need to work on getting people interested,in this site, make it easy to use. If I post a yt link it should show the yt song I'm sharing, not a link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrWnH7cV_-c

2 YEARS AGO by dwill (Fan) · POSTS: 3

LoudUp Support

Thanks for your feedback! We're working on some updates for the site, so I'll see what we can do here.

2 YEARS AGO by LoudUp Support (Writer) · POSTS: 6


Sound, this site has big future if you simplify it - too much going on. Make shit easy for people, they come and will stay

2 YEARS AGO by dwill (Fan) · POSTS: 3


Wherever a person's icon appears it should be clickable, goes to their profile, standard shit

2 YEARS AGO by dwill (Fan) · POSTS: 3

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