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You can buy Roger Cultee's 10 song CD for $ 11.70

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Roger Cultee CD $4 MP3 album $0.35  singles $0.25

Hi Everyone, I'm having a Mayday sale for my CD, all through the month of May you can get my CD for $ 11.70, go to this link & find "Roger Cultee CD", below that is a "Buy Now" next to price for the CD $ 13.00. Click on "buy now" & it'll take you to an order page. Below the "name your price" is a "Discount Code" box enter in the word "mayday" click apply & you'll see the new price of $11.70. & All the proceeds go directly to me.

5 YEARS AGO by Roger Cultee CD $4 MP3 album $0.35 singles $0.25 (Artist) · POSTS: 8

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