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Jay T. Certified

Artist · Joined Sept 2017


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LOCATION: Atlanta, Georgia, USAINFLUENCES: JAY Z, 50 Cent, Wu‐Tang Clan, DMX, Swizz Beatz, Nasir Jones, Onyx, Terror SquadBIO:

Jay T Certified also known James Kristafer Thomas was born september 10, 1988 in Queens, NY. He was raised by his single mother along with other family members. According to the 25 yr old Artist, he believed his father left before his birth. So While growing up, Young james live in Far Rockaway until he was 7, Hempstead Until 15, then moved to Atlanta and is currently still residing in this location. Jay T met Lamar kash in the 8th grade. Around that time Lamar kash was the only one that rapped both had similiar influences of artists. Until one day, Kash told Jay T, along with another friend, to write some lyrics down. And successfully, he gained good feedback," feeling confident from day one", he says.As of now , Jay T certified is still currently working with his longtime record label, Bodyshock Music Group, along with rising upcoming artists and longtime friends Mel Max, Tone Major, and Classroom Majors. Jay T also is in the works to of starting his label called 1st Class Music Group, meaning its by any means of making it to where you wanna go, achieving that dream that people vision. He himself also listens to wide varities music from smooth jazz to trance,electric hop, house music, pop rock, pop, etc. "Music in my opinion to me Its like art", Certified says." You can tell people's vibes, or emotion from what theyre playing. If there was no music in this world, Itll probably be chaos. But at the end of the day it brings us all together."