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LOCATION: Montpellier, FranceBIO:

Hello good people of Earth !

My name is Victor A. Martin, and this is KEOR, my ingoing Progressive musical project ; and it means the world to me.

Please allow me to explain why :

One year ago, I started working on what is now has now become KEOR's debut album "Hive-Mind".

The 70 minutes of music contained in this record, are a result of a series of marvellous discoveries as well as painful experiences that I encountered, following what I would call a Paradigm shift in my life. It has been, and still is, a catalyst for major change, in the way that I relate to people, to myself, and to the rest of Nature.

I found that, nowadays, many people are finding themselves on a similar path ; some of which have inspired me to begin my journey.

Today, I feel the urge to reach out to these people, meaning, to you out there ! And I feel like the best way I can do, is through music.

"Hive-Mind" is a narrative album, inspired by many genres from Progressive Rock, to Ambient Music, including Classic Heavy Metal, Folk Music and Movie Score. Lyrics refer to philosophy, esotericism, and emotions, in an outgoing way.