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Niiko Rich


Acoustic Hiphop R&B Singer-Songwriter

JOINED: May 2016 LOCATION: Stafford, Virginia, USA INFLUENCES: Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Chance the Rapper BIO:

young artist, I love music. always have and always will its not something that you do its a way of life, its not talent, its progression, hard work and dedication.

my real name is Xavior Nike Richard, I was born in Minnesota, raised in Florida, and currently in Virginia.

I am a recording artist/ producer/ songwriter/ singer, both of my parents were artists, my mom is a singer and my father sings and also raps so music is not something new to me. ive been doing this for 7 years in counting, I'm not looking for handouts I'm looking for connections and opportunities. contact me on my cell phone with your name 5406029260 im always willing to meet new people.

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