Outside the Shadows

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LOCATION: Tecumseh, Oklahoma, USAINFLUENCES: Chevelle, 36 Crazyfists, Pillar, 12 StonesBIO:

Outside The Shadows was originally founded by members Marty Binau (drums)and Kyle Puga (bass). Through many issues within its current line up the group was disbanded. Still realizing the potential of the people around him Marty started working with long time friend Preston Bell of Above The Madness. Still searching for a third party to complete the sound of the group Kyle returned to reform Outside The Shadows. After reasons unknown Preston was no longer with Above The Madness and the group was able to continue writing full time and are now in the finishing stages of production for their debut album, Forgiveness.

We are just small town guys bringing a big sound to the stage. Music is a passion and a part of every one of us. We are fortunate and blessed to be able to present our talents in a way to communicate to a bigger audience than ourselves. We do this because this is what we love and because we hope that in some form we will be able to help another individual through anything whether it be in sorrow or joy.

We have had the privilege of being able to open up for bands Children 18:3, 12 Stones, Even The Dogs and Hardie Avenue. We are currently booking shows to help support ourselves and fellow bands uphold their art.