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$teve $tinger Master Madness

Artist · Joined Jan 2016

HiphopSinger-SongwriterSpoken Word

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LOCATION: Cheyenne, Wyoming, USAINFLUENCES: Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Immortal Technique, Bad Meets Evil, Wu-Tang Killa BeesBIO:

Im an artist

This is my art form

I strive for its realization

Through trial and error i advance

I've learned important lessons

On values

Altruistic plus wisdom and vision

Fed by ambition a script is written

For PROSODY ,madness , or steve

No matter the mask the man you gets me

The only man daring

Enough to stay standing

While everyone else gives up

And abandons their causes

I've got the gall, balls and audacity

To say "get at me then"


Im tired of watching my life as it passes me bye

There's too much out there to waste being high

Now its time so i stand up and SCREAM!! for my life

I gotta do something

Before the world comes to nigh

High tide, the end times, cause time flies

I gotta produce a record

Or five or nine

My rhymes are at an all time record high

And i dont wanna die going unnoticed

So i stay focused and stay stoking my fire

Poke my nose into exposure

And climb higher and higher

Disregard my acrophobia

Cause im in the stratosphere

This is daddy's year and im daddy here

So prepare your ears to hear wisdom

Im indivisible, a quizzical individual

Inquisitive yet primitive in a digital world

Ambivalent and critical when it comes to my words

Cause im an artist and this is a part of my verse

I work my hardest so pardon if you get on my nerves

Ill get what i deserve, recognition for my verve