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The Crooked Kings


Indie Rock

JOINED: February 2016 LOCATION: London, UK WEBSITE: http://www.thecrookedkings.co.uk/ INFLUENCES: Kings of Leon, Kasabian, The Gaslight Anthem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Editors, dredg BIO:

The story of how The Crooked Kings came together wasn’t one of people going on faraway travels, writing tunes and needing to ‘find himself’. It wasn’t even one of old school friends getting back in touch 10 years after going their separate ways. And it definitely wasn’t the traditional cliché of musicians answering their version of lonely heart ads and turning up late to their first practice.

It was a story of all of them.

Hailing from the south-east of England, in a genre which has been worn many times before, The Crooked Kings still preserves the dirt, grit and drive that a rock sound deserves. But it’s the hits of energy, lust and allure which give their music a unique, modern twist in an ever developing art.

“They smash a rocking headline set jam packed with sing long tunes. You have to make it a priority to catch one of their storming sets!” – Dead or Alive Music.

The sound of The Crooked Kings is not a sound that reflects one, but of all of them. It tells of setbacks, of breaks and comebacks which can be heard and felt in the notes they play, capped off by jagged, husky vocals. With a simple musical philosophy of dreaming, writing and gigging as their cornerstone, TCK’s music needs to be heard as it travels out across the airwaves.

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