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Electronic Hiphop Pop R&B Techno

JOINED: March 2018 LOCATION: Cleveland, Ohio, USA INFLUENCES: Kanye West, JAY Z, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Metro Boomin, Diddy, Illmind BIO:

My name is Robert Fleming A.K.A. "TOPNOTCH". I've been making music and beats for about 15 or so years now, but only got really truly serious when I turned 45. Sometimes people ask what took you soooo long and I always answer them by saying "life" and "family". And proud to say so.

I consider myself more a "music maker" than a "beat maker". I played piano when I was a little kid and tried copying music I heard on the radio. Later on, I fell in love with hip-hop and all the culture with it (graffitti/breakdancing/DJing/rapping). I always say I grew up on New York hip-hop and alotta my beats sometimes display that. I have my own style and make more than just rap music (film,tv, techno,etc) but when people ask who I make beats like I say I'm a gumbo of different producers (DR.DRE, KANYE WEST, JUST BLAZE, ZAYTOVEN--just to name a few).

Hopefully, you will hear something that catches your ear, heart, head and even feet that will help progress you in accomplishing your musical goals whatever they may be.

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