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Here's another song that I am working on I wrote it in my teens...after quite few years I am happy that my sister still remember the lyrics and the melody :D

Girl (0:49)

Hey guys! Here is a sneak of what I came up with lately. Give it a listen, comment if you like it! BBoy Mlm

Had fun recording some harmonies over this tune.. Hope you like it!

I recorded this solo over this famous song a while ago. Have a listen! Hope you dig!

Wild jamming over Voodoo Child..enjoy!

Red House (3:50)

Here is a blues jam over Red House by Jimi Hendrix! Hope you like it! MLM

Estratto audio di una piccola impro su una backing track di Andy James. Enjoy! MlmM

Hero Solo (0:26)

Good morning here is a little solo-idea I came with over this beautiful song.. first take and some mistakes but that's the beauty of improvisation. Hope you like it!