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JOINED: February 2015 LOCATION: London, UK WEBSITE: http://flaviobuonerba.com BIO:


I am an Italian sound engineer and guitar player based In London, UK.

I dreamt about making a living in the music business since I picked up a guitar when I was 10 years old. As I got older my passion increased and I kept playing guitar 6-8 hours per day all throughout high school. At some point I started gaining interest in how to record music and I decided to move to London to study Audio Engineering at SAE Institute.

Now I find myself enjoying more the time I spend working on clients’ songs, manipulating and creating sounds than playing an instrument (even if I still love it and I cannot wake up happily without picking up briefly one of my guitars).

Since I started working I gained experience as a mixing and mastering engineer and also in post production of short movies. However I strongly believe that there is no ending to the learning process and that the key to success is to approach life with a modest attitude in order to learn something new every day. Moreover I’m very passionate and fully dedicated to what I’m doing because I love this world of sounds and I cannot imagine myself doing something else.

I listen and work to a wide variety of music genres and I love discovering new talented artists.

If you by any chance happened to be reading this and gaining interest in what I do, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank You.

Flavio Buonerba

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