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LOCATION: Washington, District of Columbia, District of Columbia, USAWEBSITE: https://truthproductions1.bandcamp.comINFLUENCES: EminemBIO:

My name is Leelon Ford. You can call me Truth.

Born and raised in Southeast Washington DC, with deep musical roots.

My passion for music started at a young age when I used to hear my family listen to artists like Bootsy Collins, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, and anything else out of Motown. I would tag along with my brother when he play the congos for a GoGo band. My mother and I would play Kanye West's Starship on repeat, it was her favorite at the time. As I got older, my ear evolved, listening to artists like Eminem, Cassidy, and The Roots.

Over the years, I have created my own sound, trying to develop music no one has heard before. Drawing inspiration from all genres, from Rap to Electronic to Neyo-Soul, and even Trap.

I created Truth Productions to share the "Truth" with the world. We strive to create unique music. Music that is felt, that cannot be explained, only heard....