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Acoustic Electronic Experimental Trance World

JOINED: November 2015 LOCATION: London, UK WEBSITE: http://www.wiggzaro.com BIO:

Wiggzaro Music Productions & Recording Studio in London is run by Wiggzaro who is a musician, music producer, sound engineer, mix engineer and composer.

Wiggzaro Music Productions specialises in taking care of all your audio and music production needs.

Whether you are an artist, record label, advertising or film company, whether you wish to produce a music album or single, do a demo recording or produce a soundtrack or voice over for a film. If you are looking for a music producer and recording studio London, Junga Music Productions will give you peace of mind by ensuring that only the highest quality of audio work is delivered to your ears.

Wiggzaro Music Productions has experience in producing, recording and mixing a range of genre’s ranging from Electro Pop, R&B, Rock and Dance to Acoustic, World and Jazz Music.

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