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Angry Lee Mad


Alternative Indie Reggae Rock World

JOINED: March 2018 LOCATION: Berlin Koepenick, Germany WEBSITE: https://angryleemad.wixsite.com/angryleemad INFLUENCES: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Thin Lizzy, King Crimson, The Nice, John Lee Hooker, Peter Tosh, The Wailers, Powersolo BIO:

All filth, waste and interior to be said and to be set out of our consciousness,

to break free our souls, hearts and minds.

Nothing it's meant to be taken personally or too seriously.

We create everything according to following mottos:

Live and let live,

Humans aren't made to be perfect or live in solitude.

We hate pigeonholing, boredom and normalcy.

Enjoying our shits at one's own risk.

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