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Bear the Astronot


Blues Country Hiphop Singer-Songwriter Spoken Word

JOINED: January 2016 LOCATION: Flagstaff, Arizona, USA WEBSITE: https://beartheastronot.com INFLUENCES: Pharrell Williams, André 3000, Waylon Jennings, Sage Francis, G. Love BIO:

While Hoards of Alternative Hip-Hop artists are chasing the next future sound, Bear the Astronot is taking pieces of the past, and bending genres into something new and exciting. He is done with begging to be a part of the Hip Hop culture. He is now just a guy plucking away at a banjo, writing songs he likes, and hoping that you can find the same comfortable embrace in his music he does. Expect poignant lyrics, technical lyricism, and a range from Bluegrass to R&B.

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