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Belize boy


Dubstep Hiphop Indie R&B Reggae

JOINED: July 2015 LOCATION: Waco, Texas, USA INFLUENCES: Tupac Amaru Shakur, Pimp C, The Notorious B.I.G., Ganksta NIP BIO:

Belize Boy born in Los angeles, CA and raised in the Belize City at 16 move Waco, tx (aka) Cotown. Music was always a part of belize life from an early age and now he has positioned himselIf to reach the dream he has been striving for since he was a child – to become a hip/hop artist with a presence. Under the BME LLC LABEL of Jerrod “BElCHER” from the Plymouth Nc Above The Law, Belize is now on the road to success. Keeping his game on the grind, Belize is in the studio putting out hit after hit and with his New EP Party Ft. Big J Mr. AllPaid – Belize Boy is getting ready to become a household name. There are a lot of other hip hop artist out there but you have not heard the “TRUTH” till you have heard Belize Boy

just a boy from belize trying make it in this crooked world

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