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/KILL YOUR PARENTS/ you didn’t ask to be born / you didn’t ask to live a clone of your masters / be what you’re told to be / your blood is their blood / so pray their phantom god / you’re born to be their servant / as they grow old / kill your parents!set you free!kill your parents!listen to me!kill

/EAT THE MAGGOT/ we're preserved in moisture / in the era of no sun / maggot knows what is good when the stool smells like you / honey drops melting into pain / suck the nails suck the nails! / read instructions for details!eat the maggot now / before it moults tonight / it becomes a fly that bites

/TE SACO LA MIERDA/ todo sigue bien / si sube la gana para gosar / no quiero penas pero si molestar / salgo a la calle para follar / no tengo resaca y sigo chupando / dale dale dale te saco la mierda / saco la mierda a los pitucos / padres y hermanas me caen al pincho / los militares son pervertidos

/LETHAL CYCLE OF THE MARMOT/ when elements grind down / dimensions collapse to ground / boundaries are skipped beyond the time / sense is growin' from the sound / fences falling all around / the chance once lost now is found / we invocate the fatal wisdom of the marmot / sleeping through the times /

/DESPISE/ free…despise all your own / be…the blame of your son / lost in my space I will find my own race on the run / I can’t remain in the embrace of the valley of god / lost in my grace I despise my own face to the wall / spit myself out of me / seek…the last slice of soul / feel…the taste of you

/INSIDE THE WOOD/ a rotten wound for disease / the venom junk that makes you bleed / parasites your broken skin / collision struck in your mind / to pump the noise through your veins/and feed the hunger of your psycho sins / swimming we break through / the woody side of life / passing through the wa

/KALEIDOSOUP/ back to the wild of your mind/where I loose my first image / time's denied/moments of vision / space inside instants of grace / stomach rejects / reason upsets / regression to irrationality / clear feelings bright in chaos / through kaleidoscope / kaleidosoup /MADCHILDREN/ the amorpho