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C C Manufacturing Inc

C C Manufacturing Inc

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LOCATION: Gaithersburg, Maryland, USAWEBSITE: https://www.cctrailer.com/BIO:

C & C have been trailer manufacturers since 1974, experts in quality repairs and services, and trusted trailer Maryland State and DOT Inspection Station. C&C has always approached the fabrication of our products with quality first. Over the years such organizations as NASA, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army, and even the White House have relied on us for their products and industry expertise. Although C&C had the opportunity to grow much larger over the years, we always took the stance that superior trailers are built one at a time -- grow too big and you lose sight of the larger picture of quality, dedication, and craftsmanship. Located in Gaithersburg, MD we provide a variety of trailer services and products to our local communities.