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Charles Edward


Hiphop Jazz Pop R&B

JOINED: February 2019 LOCATION: Lakewood, CA, USA WEBSITE: https://charlesedwardmusic.weebly.com/ INFLUENCES: JAY Z, Dr. Dre, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Scarface, The Neptunes BIO:

​Born In Torrance California Raised In Long Beach California Charles Edward always had an ear for good music what started as a passionate hobby grew into a full fledged artistry that is Charles Edward today.His Influences include Jay Z, 2pac ,Bone Thugs N Harmony , Frank Sinatra, Dr Dre .Charles Edward is primarily a Hip Hop artist at heart with an untouched flow and a simple but hard hitting production style that is always memorable.

Charles Edward is a Akademia Award-Winning Composer, Rapper, & Music Producer based out of Long Beach, California. Charles' songwriting embodies the tradition of West Coast Hip-Hop, with its smooth, laid back delivery. As a rapper, Charles' flow resonates deep and true--his rhymes bounce with a sing-song style that bumps in clubs just as easily as they do in your car.

On the production front, Edward puts his skills to use for soundtracks and commercials. His music writing style adapts to its audience, whether they're sitting in a movie theater, at a nightclub, or listening to an ad for a growing business.

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