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LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts, USAWEBSITE: https://embernoire.com/BIO:

Ever since I was very young, I grew up in the world of music. I still remember my father jamming with his band in the basement of our New England cul de sac home when I was about six years old. I have always fond to be drawnto the artistic aspect of music and creation, sighting writers like Edgar Allan Poe as my inspiration even as a child. My fascination stems from expression and outlooks on other peoples perspectives. You can only imagine what its like to be the only young girl in her class to be excited to read about the bubonic plague. Only later after years of singing very loudly to myself in every public bathroom I could, did I realise that singing and vocals went hand in hand with that passion. My first true taste of performing was when I was in the fifth grade talent show, my father had convinced me to audition and I got the grand finally. Though I ran off the stage an anxious mess, I had finally found something that painted color in my otherwise dull life. For a while I put my love for music on the back burner, believing I was not worthy of such an outlet of expression given that I have always been the weird goth chick sitting alone like a wall flower. But it hit me that music is something for everyone. So one day when I was about fifteen I said 'fuck it' and just went for it. Nothing brings me to life like writing for my music, nothing wakes me up and brings me from my lowest points like singing, and I can only hope that someday I will find my home amongst this strange path in life.