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Hiphop R&B Soul

JOINED: July 2015 LOCATION: Brooklyn, New York, USA BIO:

HollyWoodYSA is aspiring artist from Brooklyn, NY. After leaving college in Yuma, Arizona, YSA started taking his lyrical talent more seriously. He blossomed creating 2 mixtapes and 1 EP in 2011. After signing to an independent label, "Lotta Money House" in early 2014, YSA started a trending topic thru Twitter #tripleRthursday. Releasing weekly songs every thursday (via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) to promote the duo LP #TripleR (Real Recognize Real w/ Producer Official Stichel)

YSA, is now a two-time #ASMA winner (Buzz Factor of the Year & Album of the Year) and is currently on a college tour called "The Deans List Tour"

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