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Ice Embers



JOINED: June 2017 LOCATION: Ballarat, Australia WEBSITE: http://iceembers.weebly.com INFLUENCES: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin BIO:

Ice Embers is a rock cover band formed in Ballarat, Australia during October 2015 as a garage band between three friends. Drew is friends with both Billy and Racquel (who has now left the band) and arranged for the three to jam together. After several months in the garage and not content with just playing to themselves, it was decided to branch out into public performances. The band rehearsed throughout 2016 learning and practicing together the songs they perform at their live shows.

The band have continued to grow from these humble beginnings adding another guitar and keyboards to their sound giving the band’s music a full and rich quality. Their shows are small intimate affairs that feel like an afternoon with friends, which allows them to have a more social interaction with their audience.

The aim of the band is to play popular songs they grew up with and love. The genres they play are classic rock, alternative rock, indie rock from the 70s to the present. The band play a unique mixture of songs and deliberately avoid the usual cliché cover band material allowing them to carve their own niche in the local musical landscape. The band's influences include Deep Purple, Kiss, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Oasis, Silverchair, Radiohead, RHCP and others.

Keeping it simple is one of their core beliefs through which they strive to create good music by relying on their musicianship and not anything else. They think that rock music should be about having fun and that is what they try to do and convey to their audience. A rock music show should be about letting go and feeling free to express yourself.

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