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Steven Lean


Hiphop R&B

JOINED: January 2016 LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois, USA WEBSITE: http://www.lowkeycrew.com BIO:

Steven Lee was born in St. Louis, Missouri. When he was three years old, his family moved Chicago. His introduction to music came at an early age. Over the last few years, Steven Lee began to perfect his craft and put more time into molding himself as a unique artist. Over the last three years, Steven Lee has released five mixtapes:

Never Seen It (2013), Where it all Started (2014), Trapland Vol. 1 #FreeLee (2014), Trapland Vol. 2 Pablo Esteban (2014), and Trapland Vol. 3 Cocina Cocaina (2015). Additionally, he has an album available on iTunes titled ​itz All In The Wrist (2014) and a new EP titled The Return (2015). Currently, Steven Lee just released his newest album will be available shortly on iTunes titled The Eisenhower Diaries (2016).

Follow Steven Lee on Twitter and Instagram @itzlee89_lowkey for updates and releases. Send all booking inquiries to [email protected]

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