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Jeff Alldredge

Artist · Joined Aug 2019


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Tupelo (2:56)

Her heart would corner like it was on rails. She had too much wind in her sails. When I’d asked her if she missed me. She’d say, “There’s too many ghosts in Mississippi.” Roll me over in the morning, baby. Roll me over when it’s time to go. Roll me over yonder, baby. But don’t roll me over in

When the wild geese take the wing, do you pray for spring? Do you wonder where they’re going, and how they know when to leave? You can’t see the air that keeps them floating; that’s why it’s hard to believe…. Thirty-two’s always freezing, ninety-nine’s the same as life. I never understood the re

I was born in the year of who knows when. They say a war was coming to an end. Did we lose or did we win? Nobody knew them they just spit on those men. If they had one last chance, would they do it again? I used to pretend that I was king for a day. But all the king’s horses they soon ran away

Hanging out in the city. Got my heart all dirty and pretty. No matter what you said, I don’t think I’d be better off dead. You don’t know what words can do. ‘Cause I don’t think I’ll make it too much longer without you. Subway’s rumbling and my heart is thumbing. It’s trying to find a freeway