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John Adams

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The One (4:00)

The first single from my debut album "The Pavement is My Stage" covering the whole journey of a relationship :)

A song from my debut album "The Pavement is my Stage". After several years with a one track mind of succeeding in the music industry I realised the most important part of your life are the relationships around you and if I had 1 wish I would probably wish for everything I already had. I wrote this s

Pray (5:27)

My personal favourite from my debut album "The Pavement is my Stage". I'm not a particularly religious person but in a time I felt alone I did say a prayer just before I wrote this song. It seemed to work! :)

The title track of my debut album stripped back in a recent live session. The lyrics talk about the difficulties of being an artist and the determination to reach my potential. hope you enjoy!