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King Ky0te

King Ky0te

Producer · Joined Apr 2017


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LOCATION: New York City, New York, USAWEBSITE: http://www.hoolyville.comBIO:

King Ky0te is the Chief Love Officer of Hoolyville, where he works in tandem with his fellow Hooligans on developing the most culturally relevant music that the world has ever seen.

King Ky0te as an identity represents the New Gentleman. Simply put, King Ky0te endeavors to influence how men behave in a post #MeToo society, penning lyrics that espouse the importance of commitment, trustworthiness and conviction in all levels of relationships.

Blessed with a natural magnetism, King Ky0te enjoys using his contagious energy to shine a light on social issues over bold, fiery tracks that are an artful median between banger and conscious head knockin’, with a smattering of R&B infused elements in-between.

Ky has spent the bulk of his budding career working as a producer and artist, both writing and recording fresh new music, as well as collaborating with artists from multiple genres. He is credited with composing entrance music for EVOLVE Wrestling’s James Drake.

King Ky’s debut mixtape, “Music is My Religion” is a bold proclamation of his devotion to music, which he intends to demonstrate over the course of his career.

Stay tuned for his debut single “(I Need That) Y-O-G-A”, as well as his forthcoming debut project, “The Artist”.