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Acoustic Folk Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter

JOINED: June 2018 LOCATION: Wales, UK WEBSITE: http://leerice.bandcamp.com INFLUENCES: Tracy Chapman, Pink Floyd, U2, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Buddy Holly, Neil Diamond BIO:

Songwriter and Street Musician from Wales, UK. I have been on an epic 6 year Journey to find the inspiration. Peace, Love & Happiness.

Thanks for coming to my music page.

I'm really enjoying living my life for my passion, which is of course music :-) I'm from North Wales but I've just spent the last 6 years traveling across Europe as a way to focus on my music. The last 5 years has been mainly busking, with over 470 places played, through 30 countries. It is a truly exhausting and super challenging lifestyle, but I am Grateful for the rewards.

I write and compose my own music and I'm constantly trying to improve and grow.

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