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Loud Pack Records & Entertainment

Record Label · Joined Nov 2015


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LOCATION: Buffalo, New York, USAWEBSITE: http://www.loudpackrecords.comBIO:

Loud Pack Records & Entertainment is an independent record label and multimedia firm in Buffalo, New York. Established in 2012 and still growing, the label is a culmination of highly talented entrepreneurs, emcees, disk jockeys, graphic designers, videographers, and more. LPR specializes in most aspects pertaining to (but not limited to) the music industry, as well as focusing on all areas of an artist’s career. Services includes management, legal consultation, photography, graphic design, videography, merchandising, web analytics, etc. The company houses their own artist roster, as well as a management and corporate staff that focus on each craft within the industry, dealing with both an interior and exterior clientele base. As the founder of Loud Pack Records & Entertainment, Samer Hanash’s goal is to find the upper-echelon in underground talent and personally manage their careers to achieve recognition within the mainstream music community. He also wanted to create a family that thrives on loyalty, professionalism, excellent business ethics, and charity. Loud Pack Records is focused on publishing and distributing high quality music within several genres including EDM, Hip Hop, and R&B. The company also focuses on gaining solid and vast means of revenue, while giving back to their communities through charity and volunteer work. In such a small amount of time, they have grown into one of the largest groups in a city that doesn't have many opportunities within the music industry, and that is why Hanash has been reaching such success with his elite team. This business structure and concept has become a huge part of their philosophy within the company and their locally and nationally based clientele.