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Mango Factory

Artist · Joined Oct 2014


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LOCATION: Bristol, UKWEBSITE: http://mangofactory.co.ukINFLUENCES: The Cat Empire, Fat Freddy's Drop, Deep Banana Blackout, The Haggis HornsBIO:

Mixing the finest elements of many musical styles is no mean feat, but Bristol based Mango Factory are up to the challenge. Comprising a super tight rhythm section, explosive horns and two incredible vocalists, the Mangos have been blasting their way across the South West and beyond, gaining rave reviews wherever they play.

“Their set is a sharp, musically rich exploration of grooves-for-moves, with highlights catching a Latin-flavoured old-school sound worthy of Alice Russell” Venue Magazine

“Check these guys out in a cheap club before some record exec gives them a break and they end up spending all their spare time on yachts in the Caribbean” Wavelength Magazine

“The musicianship is astounding…Mango Factory sizzle onstage…get your dancing shoes on and get down to their next gig” Live Music Scene

The all-original music is a mash-up of Funk, Latin, Soul, Ska and many more, with shout-along choruses and infectious hooks. The songs showcase the entire bands talent at songwriting and performing. Mango Factory are in the process of mixing their latest batch of recorded material which is due for release by the end of 2014.