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LOCATION: Brighton, UKWEBSITE: http://www.shoshokudomusic.wixsite.com/michaelangelokudoINFLUENCES: Michael Jackson, James Brown, Bruno MarsBIO:

After taking a long break from music and releasing numerous amounts of free projects over the past four years; it is safe to say that Michaelangelo Kudo is back with a vengeance.

Serving as another third of "Sho Sho Kudo Music"; Michaelangelo Kudo is a singer-songwriter and dancer; a crossover music artist that can almost immediately tap into anything he sets his mind to, proving that he can hold his own in the same way that another member from the team (CM17 Sho Sho) can. Unlike CM17, Michaelangelo uses his sex and emotional appeal to his advantage: from talking about love, sex and dance to heartbreak; there are no limits to his subject matter and raw honesty.

Taking obvious influences from artists such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Matou Samuel & Aime Nkanu; Michaelangelo Kudo has a music taste that is extremely broad which helps him create some of the best songs this world has yet to witness.

So what is to come from Michaelangelo? Let's just say that he has numerous tricks up his sleeve; but plenty of smash hits will be on the way from the artist.