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JOINED: July 2015 LOCATION: Mobile, Alabama, USA INFLUENCES: Lecrae Moore, Trip Lee, Kevin Burgess, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Derek Minor BIO:

Marcus D. Baggins


Born Feburary 16, 1994. A Christian Rap/Praise & Worship artist in the city of Mobile, AL. Founder Of Spazz Records.

Born and raised in Mobile, AL. I always wanted to do something big in my life, so I guess God gave me the gift of music because He knew I would do something with it. I wrote my first rap at the age of 8. After the age of 12, I stopped for a while. Then I started back on music at the age of 16. Then officially became an artist at the age of 18. My First Stage Name was "King's Kid" from the years; 2008-2013, and now my is "MKB"(Making Kingdom Believers). Music is my passion and to tell the world about God with it. Until the day that I leave this Earth, I quote "Until its my time to be with my God, as long as I live, I Will tell the world about my Lord & Savior" because as long as I live, it is my mission to get the World in the Word, and nothing and nobody can't, wont' and will not stop me, because I am Unstoppable.

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