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LOCATION: Manchester, UKINFLUENCES: The Beatles, Sonic Youth, Alice in Chains, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Pavement, Therapy?, Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandBIO:

I make rock songs that I then sample in order to create loops and rap songs. I'm 41. I don't have a lot of time - to make music, not "on this earth", though it feels that way sometimes. Currently I'm working solely on writing and recording music. I feel like I have a lot to catch up on, having taken a couple of years out from playing in bands and writing songs. You won't catch me playing live just now because I don't have the time to rehearse my songs to the level I would demand of myself. I have several projects on the go, the foremost of which is working through the ideas I had during my hiatus that coincided with the early days of my little girl's life. I'm about half way through that project, some of which has been released already and that you will be able to hear through this site. I'm also working on a collection of tongue-in-cheek, sexy but romantic songs with a friend that is a lot further from completion. My approach to music is all about exploration and striving to improve, but creativity trumps technical ability in my eye - probably because I feel I have more of the former than of the latter. I hope you enjoy my music. Take it easy, and let's rock.