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Nicole Ngo

Artist · Joined Jul 2016


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LOCATION: Arcadia, CA, USAINFLUENCES: Rihanna, Paramore, Ellie GouldingBIO:

Nicole Ngo is an American dance/indie-pop act based out of Arcadia, California. Her artistry combines emotionally charged pop melodies with dance production techniques to create a sensual and profound listening experience that is both delightfully memorable and nostalgic of the yesteryears. In contemporary folk spirit, she writes songs that are not only an aural pleasure, but music that also can serve her listeners as an escape from the hardships of the modern world. In a multitude of ways, her music is honest, and told through the lens of ‘the girl next door’.

As a recording artist, Nicole has spent the last decade or so perfecting her craft and honing her sound. Her story is not one of instant success, but rather a journey of courageous hard-work and determination. From her school days, she would participate in talent shows, music clubs and anywhere that presented an opportunity to allow her talent to flourish.

Fast forward to today and she has been busy travelling interstate to share her talent with the world. Armed with a mature sensibility of what it takes to make a mark in the pop circuit, Nicole is now ready to take the world by storm. Her songs demonstrate a precise finesse and attention to detail, with her ear for melodies that delight the senses, and capture a range of nostalgic and relatable emotions across the spectrum. Her vocal talents, when combined with the danceable grooves and sensitive piano licks, create an unforgettable experience that rewards listeners with each replay.