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Noona Bae

Noona Bae

Artist · Joined Mar 2016


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LOCATION: Paris, FranceWEBSITE: http://www.noonaofficiel.comBIO:

Generous, is the first adjective that comes to mind once in contact with Noona. Generous of heart and time for others, in her eyes there is a smile, in her words, sweetness, and in her heart the sun.

Dreamy, warm, full of humor and always available, she is the friend, the confidant and in the spirit of the korean language in which she is fluent - as for french - she is the older sister we all wish we had.

Noona, pronounced Nou-na, is a true artist who mixes, or rather say conjugates many disciplines, always in the idea of excellence.

She is immersed in music since she was 4. The dreamy little girl, half a world away, where daily reign sun and sea, on day put her little fingers on a piano keyboard, and obviously never removed them!

But she had to live music with her words, so the little girl who became a beautiful teenager started expressing them in songs she wrote when she was 16. Put together in her first album: Jour Idéal (ideal day).

The years go by, and Noona, enthousiastic about theater and gifted to make people laugh, got noticed for her artistic performances and soon was asked to join musical comedies. Sometimes as a composer, choreographer or as a singer.

Able to try herself at any repertoire, she surprised once again by singing on nursery rhymes.

Noona sings and dances her words to bring to our bodys the natural answer, as it can be seen from the living show Caramel at the heart of forest which introduces us to the range of her talents.

Let’s listen to Always love you, Stranger, Sorry, Breath, Body’s call… Noona sings us the love, and enchants us with her soft and discreetly sensual voice which offers her secrets and music, like a dish she would disign only for us, that we would gently savor, eyes closed so that no flavor is missed…