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Osama Qureshi

Osama Qureshi

Producer · Joined Nov 2021

ElectronicExperimentalMetalRockSpoken Word

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LOCATION: Karachi, PakistanINFLUENCES: Rick Rubin, Terry Date, Rohail HyattBIO:

Osama Qureshi (born September 24, 1993), also known as Nooli-SaAaM & ClownoXia is a Pakistani experimental music producer. He is a former founding and virtual member of Lahore-based band, BASE-91. Osama also produced and wrote music for his short-lived side projects Nation theory, Moral Cubes, and NillgoatX. Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan. Osama gained his interest in music at the age of 15 in 2008. He started making music in 2010, since then he collaborated with various musicians of different regions through online music communities and his early work is known to be the result of trial and error. In 2021, Osama founded a multi-genre avant-garde band, called "Khalai Projekt" where he is the only member and does everything all by himself as an act of expressionism. Osama also keeps himself busy in amateur photography and other creative activities to fulfill his joy of making art while constantly experimenting with his sounds and ideas for his personal empowerment and independence regardless of social acceptance.