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P-Dubb Mancini


Afro-Beat Hiphop K-Pop R&B Reggae

JOINED: April 2017 LOCATION: Baltimore, Maryland, USA WEBSITE: http://thisismugga.blogspot.com/ INFLUENCES: Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, Timbaland & Magoo, Trackmasters, Roger Troutman, Nottz, London on da Track BIO:

P-Dubb Mancini is one of the trailblazing leaders of the underground entertainment community, and its well on his was to stardom. Not only does he rap he is a multitalented force to be wrecking with.

His track record is from an amateur, he has done songs with the likes of Juelz Santana (Dipset/Skull gang) , Fam Lay ( Star trak), Arlis Michaels , Wale , Stack Bundles , Chris Deshield, Gillie da kid just to name a few.

Throughout the year s he has persistently and efficiently pursues his rap career with countless mix tapes appearances and tours in foreign countries (Canada).

Born in Liberia, P-Dubb has faced more than his share of tragedy.

P-Dubb first hand witness his father and brother been murder, after that traumatic experience P-Dubb and the rest of his remaining family move to the u.s where he found his true passion in life, which is musically entertaining the masses .

Production Credits:

Gillie Da Kid

Tamba Hali

Spade O

Keith murray


Reed Dollaz

Fred the Godson

Arlis Michaels

G4 Boyz

Max B

Lil Cease




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