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Precision Music

Record Label · Joined Aug 2016


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LOCATION: Belgrade, SerbiaBIO:

Our Goal is colaboration and presentation of classical music of today. When we say classic we mean about great composers of our time and music that represent our time on many diferent ways and inovative expression on music field. It is important to know that great music still lives but in diferent form and sound and deserve attention and respect as we respect great composers from the very past times.

We talk about electronic music at all. It is our age, it is our artistic and scientific reach and world have oportunity to enjoy in music of great composers of our times with pleasure and respect to the artists. Precision electronic music label is wide open to represent electronic music of all styles and genres and spraed the values of greatest artists of today. It doesnt matter where are you from and what genre and style you create, your talent and work is important.

This is a message for artists and for people who love arts, everybodys wellcome. We are open for music and closed for styles.

If you are D.J. or Producer, Manager, Promoter, Electronic Music Lover, whatever you are if you share this idea, feell free to contact us to make our Love Grow and fullfill our Goal

Thank you

Sasha Elektroniker



send demo to: precisionmusiclabel@gmail.com