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Reaction 7™


Alternative Americana Indie Other Rock

JOINED: November 2016 LOCATION: Macedonia, Ohio, USA WEBSITE: http://www.reaction7.com INFLUENCES: Toadies, The Exies, The Refreshments BIO:

Reaction 7 formed in 2007 to develop and release a CD for distribution and airplay based on the psychotic song arrangement of Frank Fogg, the devious guitar voicings of Chuck Trimble and the mellow percussive tones of Michael Fogg. Other former members and contributors to Reaction 7 include Bobby Bodean Schroll on bass, Jackson Cesa on guitar, Erik Gerard on percussion, Chris Celleghin on percussion, Tony Void on keys and Alicia Fogg on vocals.

The current Reaction 7 lineup features Frank Fogg on bass, guitar, keys, and vocals, Alan Fishell on guitar, Ivan Matic on percussion and Karen Baluch on vocals.

Each album by Reaction 7 contains a variety of musical styles including alternative, modern rock, techno, country rock, and americana with many songs often containing a mix of those influences. This band works hard at sounding different than the others (and sometimes succeeds!) and breaks away from delivering “formula” songs.

Reaction 7 is available worldwide from a variety of electronic download music retailers

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