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Real Conoisseur

Producer · Joined Jan 2016


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LOCATION: Denver, Colorado, USAWEBSITE: https://reverbnation.com/realconoisseurBIO:

Aye, how's it goin?! first and foremost I'd like to let you know that I make music that I enjoy & I enjoy making music. Im 27 and originally from sacramento, ca & I grew up listening to bay area music so its a heavy influence in my music. my love for soul and old school rnb can also be heard in my music thanks to my father. My mother blessed me with the creative itch, i use it to make art. My music all started as a hobby and blossomed into a labor of love the more I compose. when I'm not making music, I'm a husband, father of three boys, and a brother. Before settling down and having a family, I traveled the world as a merchant mariner for the department of the navy for 6yrs. Living the sea life was the greatest opportunity for me to experience the world and different cultures hands on. Working just as hard as I played left me missing life on land. The tours felt longer & the home visits felt so much shorter than before but i wouldnt trade it for the world. There's my story & I've got plenty more where that came from. Enjoy the good music thats being made here. All donations will go towards Professional Promotion & Representation. Also I'd like to put together some merchandise to show thanks to those who contribute and put together an online store for everyone to purchase from.

Always be yourself & always be honest! Stay hungry & humble

Spread word of thy music & I'll keep making good music. I appreciate you listeners help me set the bar for quality music.